Thursday, July 21, 2011

Russian child yelling Allahu Akbar with soldiers

Oslo, Norway - ALL Sexual Assaults Involving Rape In Past 5 Years Committed By "Non-Western" Males

Assyrian Christians of Iraq facing Extinction

The smoking Gun Arab immigration into Palestine 1922-1931

Sadia Shepard and the Lost Jews of India-Artstreet Miami

Female Israeli Soldiers

The real face of Islam!

Bombing in Tel-Aviv by Palestinians or fakestinians!!!!

Israeli children learn to find cover when Red color sounds!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Meaning of Obama’s Symbol

Islam has many signs of the last days, many are in the Hadith and some are the sayings of Muhammed. The sun rising comes into play from time to time and this is a very important prediction to many Muslims who know Islamic prophecy … “The hour (the last days) will not come until the sun rises from the west... … when the people see it, then those who are on earth will believe … that is a time when belief will not profit a soul who did not believe before the time.

Islamic commentary states that one interpretation of the above prediction is that the sun or the light of Islam, the truth of Islam according to them, will shine in the western nations and be received well …

Another interpretation from Islamic commentary is that the sun is a messenger, a person, a leader, who will come out of the western nations and not only be positive toward Islam, but help promote Islam and protect and defend Islam and eventually many will be converted to it.

Louis Farrakhan believes the second interpretation. He tried to paint himself as the messenger who was that sun who would rise in the west. However, in the 1974 Savior’s Day address the Hon. Elijah Muhammed, said “You are witnessing the setting of one sun, and the rising of another.” Then Louis Farrakhan made this statement while speaking to a group of young people prior to the election of Obama and he was talking about his friend Obama, he said “you are the instrument that God is going to use to bring about universal change and that is why Barack has captured the youth and he has involved young people in the political process that they didn’t care anything about … that’s a sign, when the messiah speaks the youth will hear and the messiah is absolutely speaking.”

Obama’s logo, instead of the presidential seal, is the letter O with the sun rising … representing hope. The Obama seal that you see everywhere is the sun rising.

If I was a Muslim anywhere in the world, looking at that logo, I would understand that the last letter in his name is in the shape of an O, which is the same sun shape and he puts a sun in the middle with a new road coming across, I would immediately say, “wow, the sun is rising in the west.”

Most Americans would say they don’t care, it’s just a symbol, but they fail to understand the power of symbolism. If I were to show you a swastika, you would be disgusted. Symbolism is significant. So it’s safe to say Obama’s symbol could be a cryptic kind of message to the Islamic world, that “I will stand with you, you have someone who will stand with you and stand behind you and not be negative or create wars in your country.

Another new logo appeared in 2010. A new logo for the missile system in the United States. The new missile defense system logo is very similar, oddly enough, to the Obama campaign logo. You have what almost looks like an O with the same 3 stripes, instead of going downward, they are now going upward. Their job is to test missiles to defend the US and it’s allies. But what is interesting is it doesn’t look like a sun, it looks like a crescent and the crescent is the universal emblem of Islam.

It goes bump in the night!

Rocket terror continues: Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel Saturday evening, security officials said.

Two rockets landed in open areas in the Ashkelon Beach regional council. Another rocket exploded in the Gaza Strip.

A fourth rocket alert turned out to be a false alarm. No injuries or damage were reported in the strikes.

A few hours later, overnight, Palestinian sources reported airstrikes east of Gaza City. The sources say massive damage was done to a cement factory and that the explosions could be heard throughout the Strip.

Before the strike witnesses heard aircraft in the skies above Gaza. No injuries were reported. The military confirmed the reports.

In recent days there has been a certain escalation of attacks around the Strip. On Tuesday, the Air Force struck a terror cell engaged in final preparations for launching a rocket at Israel. The Palestinian said two people were killed in the strike and another man sustained moderate wounds. No Palestinian group claimed responsibility for the attempted rocket strike, but sources in the Strip said the casualties were members of a Salafi group associated with al-Qaeda that does not accept Hamas' authority. -ytnetnews Just like any other sovereign country Israel has a right to protect its population which has a diverse ethnic population from Arabs to Jews.

Dhimmi's and Arab children doing what they do best.

                       Not so Peaceful teaching there kids to instigate a potential violent encounter with Police way to go in teaching values and morals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Foreigners and so called peaceful demonstrators who don't belong in country demonstrating for what they think is a valid cause without doing there research into who they are backing "Hamas" a so -called resistance movement who are intent on killing jews its in there charter and with Qassams being fired into Israeli civilian areas it is clear what there intentions are.