Friday, March 4, 2011

Nazi's of WWII where did they go? umm...looks like Egypt!

Altern Erich Post-war name: Ali Bella Regional Chief SD (Himmler’s Security Services), Jewish Affairs in Galicia In Egypt during the 50’s, then instructor in Palestinian camps
Appler Hans Post-war name: Sakah Chaffar Information services with Goebbels Egypt 1956: Minister of Information
Bartel Franz Post-war name: El Hussein Assistant Chief of the Kattowitz Gestapo (Poland) Since 1959, Jewish Affairs of the Ministry of Information in Cairo.
Baurnann, SS Standartenuhrer Participated in liquidation of Jewish Warsaw ghetto Minister of War in Cairo. Instructor for the FLP (Liberation Front of Palestine)
Bayerlein, Col. Fritz Rommel’s camp aid Egypt
Becher Hans Gestapo Jewish affairs, Vienna Alexandria, Egypt. Police instructor
Beissner, Dr Wilhelm Section Chief VI C 13RSHA Egypt
Bender Bernhardt Post-war name: Bechir Ben Salah Gestapo, Warsaw Consultant for Political Police in Cairo
Birgel Werner Post-war name: El Gamin SS Officer Cairo, Egypt. Worked in Ministry of Information
Boeckler Wilhelm SS Untersturmfuhrer Wanted in Poland for the liquidation of the Jewish Warsaw ghetto Egypt since 1949. Worked in Israel Department of Information Bureau in Egypt.
Boerner, Wilhelm Post-war name: Ali Ben Keshir. SS Untersturmfuhrer Guard at Mauthausen concentration camp Worked at Egyptian Interior Ministry. Also instructor of the FLP (Liberation Front of Palestine)
****Brunner Alois**** Post-war name: Georg Fisher and Ali Mohammed In charge of deportation of Jews in Austria, Tchecoslovakia, Greece. Chief of Drancy concentration camp in France. Damascus, Syria. Consultant for Special Services. Protected against extradition by Syrian government.
Buble Friedrich Post-war name: Ben Amman, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Gestapo Director of Egyptian Public Relations Department -1952. Consultant for Egyptian police force.
Bunsch Franz, SA. OBersturmfuhrer Collaborator with Goebbels Israel Department in the Information Ministry in Cairo, Egypt.
Daemling Joachim Post-war name: Jochen Dressel or Ibrahim Mustapha Dusseldorf Chief of Gestapo Consultant for Egyptian penitentiary system. Active member of Radio-Cairo (Radio-Le Caire)
Dirlewanger Oskar, Oberfuhrer Chief of 36th Waffen SS division (USSR-Poland) Some say in Cairo since 1950. Others claim that he died June 7 1945 in Germany under house-arrest.
Eisele Dr Hans Chief doctor of Buchenwald concentration camp. Died in Cairo in 1965.
Farmbacher Wilhelm, SS Lieutenant-General Wehrmacht Eastern Front, Supervisor of Vlassov Army in France in 1944 Military consultant for Egyptian President Nasser.
Gleim Leopold Post-war name: Lt-Col Al Nashar Unit Chief in Warsaw High ranking officer in Egyptian national security departement, in charge of political prisonners.
Gruber Post-war name:Aradji Canaris recruit in 1924. Egyptian resident 1950: Influencial agent within the Arab League
Heiden Ludwig Post-war name: El Hadj Journalist for anti-jewish agency Weltdienst (NSDAP) Converted to Islam. Translator of <span>Mein Kampf</span> into Arabic. Lived in Egypt in the 1950’s.
Heim, Heribert. SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Medical doctor at Mauthausen concentration camp Became medical doctor for Egyptian police.
Hitholfer Franz High ranking officer of Gestapo in Vienna Lived in Egypt in 1950’s
*** Von Leers, Dr Johannes*** Post-war name: Omar Amin Goebbels’ assistant, in charge of antisemitic propaganda. In Egypt, he was in charge of anti-israeli propaganda in Cairo since 1955.
Luder, Karl Chief of Hitler Youth movement. Held responsible for anti-semitic crimes in Poland. War Minister in Egypt.
Mildner, Rudolf. SS Standartenfuhrer Gestapo Chief in Kattowitz. Chief of police in Danemark. In Egypt since 1963. Member of Deutscher Rat organization.
Moser Alois, Gruppenfuhrer SS Wanted in USSR for crimes against Jews. Instructor of paramilitary youth groups in Cairo.
Munzel Oskar SS General Military consultant Cairo, during the 50’s.
Nimzel Gerd von. Post-war name: Ben Ali   Egypt. 1950’s.
Oltramare, Georges Post-war name: Charles Dieudonne Director of Pilori in France during German occupation Responsible for TV show ‘La voix des Arabes’ (The voice of Arabs) in Cairo. Died 1960.
Peschnik Aehim Dieter Post-war name: El-Said   Resides in Egypt
Rademacher Granz Post-war name: Thome Rossel 1940-43. Headed Anti-jewish section of Foreign Affairs Ministry. Journalist in Damascus.
Rauff, Walter Chief of SD (Himmler’s Security Services) in Tunisia. In Syria until 1961. Was arrested and released in Chili in 1962.
Seipel. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Post-war name: Emmd Zuher Gestapo in Paris. Converted to Islam. Security Services with Interior Ministry in Cairo.
Sellman, Heinrich Post-war name: Hassan Suleiman Chief of Gestapo in Ulm. Ministry of Information in Cairo. Egyptian Special Services.
Thiemann, Albert. Post-war name: Amman Kader SS officer in Tchecoslovakia Information Ministry in Cairo.q
Weinmann, Erich, SS Standartenfuhrer Chief of SD(Himmler’s Security Services) in Prague. Said to have died in 1949. In fact, he became consultant to Alexandria’s police force in Egypt.

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