Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jewish Rights on the Temple Mount

The past years have seen a flurry of Jewish activity surrounding the Temple Mount. Public pressure brought about significant (albeit insufficient) change in the opportunities to ascend the Temple Mount and we endorse all those who worked hard to make this possible. In the past two months, however, we have experienced a downturn. Israel's Police have begun to take action against individuals who frequent the Temple Mount. Apparently, they are trying to reverse the trend of ascent to the Mount. Rabbi Yehudah Glick, who heads the Fund for Temple Mount Heritage and the Human Rights on the Temple Mount organization, has been disgracefully persecuted. The police have not even stopped at undermining his income. They have taken the same type of actions against other steady Temple Mount ascenders, as well.

We cannot remain silent in the face of this abuse. Manhigut Yehudit has published an initial report on the abuse of Jewish human rights on the Temple Mount, which was distributed to the Knesset Members. With G-d's help, it will lead to a Knesset meeting that will demand that the situation be rectified. In order to allow us to continue to monitor the conduct of Israel's government through its police forces, we request of all those who ascend the Temple Mount to share testimony, photos or films of any police (mis)conduct that discriminates against Jews on the Temple Mount. Please send the information to

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