Friday, March 4, 2011

Egypt and the Muslim brotherhood in a nutshell.

It is true that Mubarak is a dictator and his regime oppressed Egyptians for thirty years. However, if Mubarak is gone the consequences would be worse for Egyptians, Coptics, Westerners, and especially Israel. For sure Muslim Brothers are going to take over after Mumarak and turn the whole region into Anti-Semitic and Anti-West.
The Muslim Brotherhood Group in nutshell.

The Muslim Brotherhood group is an Islamic terrorist Group which was founded by Hassan al-Bana in 1928 in Egypt. It is the first modern Muslim group to legalize the killing of those who don't belong to it regardless whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. It has three enemies that it wants to destroy the West, Israel, and the backsliding Muslim countries. It called for declaring the entire Egyptian society as Kafir Soceity and hence it is permissible to shed the blood of anyone who refuses to join the Muslim Brotherhood Group. It differs from other former Islamic movements in that it believes change should begin in the leadership and then goes to the rest of the society. For that reason Muslim Brothers everywhere they want to overthrow the government and establish an Islamic government which follows the Shari'a law. They had been trying to overthrow the Egyptian government from the time of Jamal Abd al-Naser until the present time but they always failed. However, today the present Egyptian revolution is giving them the leadership in a golden plate.

The Muslim Brotherhood was broke up into three terrorist groups after its second leader Sayyid Qutb wrote his famous work Ma’alim fi Altariq (Signposts) that became the manifesto of the terrorist Islamic groups ever since. Although, Qutb was arrested, tried, and hanged by the former Egyptian president Jamal Abd al-Naser in 1966, his book remained a guideline to the Muslim Brotherhood and the other main three Islamist extremist groups that split from it i.e. The Society of Muslims, The Jama’at Islamiyya, and the Jihad group. Those four terrorist groups spread all over the Middle East and and other Muslim countries and soon every Muslim country had branches of them. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second man of al-Qaeda, was an active member of the Jihad group in Egypt before he joined Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Some have argued that "without the writings" of the Islamic author and thinker Sayyid Qutb "al-Qaeda would not have existed." Qutb preached that because of the lack of Shari’a law the Muslim world was no longer Muslim, having reverted to pre-Islamic ignorance known as jahiliyyah. To restore Islam, a vanguard movement of righteous Muslims was needed to implement Sharia and rid the Muslim world of any non-Muslim influences. Every Muslim Brother/Sister joins the group must read and follow the teachings of Sayyid Qutb. Muslim Brotherhood has no other book to offer to its followers to read and follow except for the Signposts of Qutb. It is like the writings of Karl Marx for communists.  

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