Friday, March 4, 2011

"Allahu Akbar" my God is better than your God!

 It is a common misconception perpetrated by the Western Media that when Muslims/Arabs cry out, “Allahu Akbar” that the translation is simply, ‘god is great’.  In truth, Allahu Kabir means
The Takbīr or Tekbir (تَكْبِير) is the Arabic name for the phrase Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر). Usually translated "God is [the] Greatest," or "God is Great", it is a common Islamic Arabic expression, used as both an informal expression of faith and as a formal declaration.
The form Allāhu is the nominative of Allah "[the one] God". The form akbar is the elative of the adjective kabīr "great", from the root k-b-r. As used in the takbir it is usually translated as "greatest"! It’s a simple enough translation. Why does the press always get it wrong?   The next time you hear, Allahu Akbar, understand that this is not the same as a Christian saying , ‘Thank God’ or a Jew  saying, “ Baruch HaShem”.  It is a battle cry. Allahu Akbar has a deeper meaning that connects Muslims to the idea of conflict, conquest and domination.  This is simple truth.  It is not anti Arab or Islamophobia.

The calls of Allahu Akbar are growing stronger day by day. The students and intellectuals, the media and the unemployed masses could indeed deliver a revolt but cannot deliver the basic changes that Arabs throughout  the Middle East are seeking.  Like people everywhere they are seeking basic human rights and justice but with an additional measure o f Muslim pride and what the average man on the streets considers his ‘right to hate’, to blame others  and  especially to end the humiliation of allowing Israel to continue to exist.  Allahu Akbar

In Bahrain, the return from self-imposed exile of Hassan Mushaima, a senior Shiite figure, in his speeches to the press and to the masses are a perfect example of Muslim Radical power that is growing in popularity and scope.  Allahu Akbar
In Egypt, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an influential Sunni cleric who is banned from the United States and Britain for supporting violence, returned to take control of that country’s nascent Muslim Brotherhood integration into the government.  In a recent march in Cairo over a million protesters chanted, “We are on our way to Jerusalem” (Israel’s capital city). A recent attack on a Coptic Monastery in Egypt, by the Egyptian army, was likewise accompanied by shouts of Allahu Akbar

In Libya, protesters in Benghazi, shout Allahu Akbar, ( BBC 2/262011) and the Muslim Brotherhood has instated a ‘Fatwah’ against Muamar Gadhafi, calling for his assassination. Allahu Akbar

Democracy as we know it will not come about from popular revolt. In Europe the Allies had to impose Democracy on the former Nazi Germany by helping to eradicate its warring culture. In Japan the Allies similarly sought to remove the ‘Samurai Warrior’ mentality from the nation. The ideas of Radical Islam are quite simple. Submit to ‘Allah’ for he is ‘Akbar’ and follow his appointed holy men. It is much easier than Democracy which will fail within a year of each revolution. There are no democratic institutions in place to support it. There are Islamic solutions in place; Mosques. On a local level the Mosque watches over the neighborhood, knows who is who, who is loyal, who is not, who is Muslim, Sunni, Shiite, Christian etc. The mosque can deliver money, food and clothing from a central Islamic government to local populations.  The organization to run life in Libya and Egypt is already in place and waiting for Democracy to fail to deliver the ‘honor’ that the population craves.   
Altogether now, Allahu Akbar!

The Middle East Roundup
In Lebanon, the country is again posed on the brink of civil war. The most striking proof of that was the recent alignment of the Druze under Walid Junblatt with Hezbollah. Walid like his father before him, knows how to ride the waves of civil unrest and how to pick sides that will insure his people’s survival. Hezbollah with support from Syria and Iran is looking for a renewed opportunity for a leadership position in the Arab world with a renewed assault on the Jewish State.  
Gaza; Hamas is newly invigorated by downfall of Mubarak who managed to keep them in check and limit their supplies of weapons. The almost daily shelling of Israel by Gaza Arabs never ceased as was promised by the Israel’s withdrawal from Gush Katif in 2006. Hamas fired an Iranian Grad missile into Beer Sheva this week. When certain types of advanced weapons become common place, it is hard for the various terror groups to keep them under wraps. They enjoy showing them off.  

Iran, a radical Islamist state and a self proclaimed enemy of the USA and Israel is now sending warships through the Suez Canal in open defiance in order to engage in war games with Syria. The Obama Administration has worked hard to pull Syria out of the sphere of influence of Iran with little success.


  1. My apologies for whatever ignorance my country has in this situation.

    - An American Joe

  2. Explain please ((( Allahu Akbar has a deeper meaning that connects Muslims to the idea of conflict, conquest and domination.
    try to remember...we are in the 21st Century

    1. 21st. century, you mean the one after the most bloodiest century of all, the 20th. ?

  3. Allah u ackbar means 'Allah (not god) is greater (not great or greatest)'