Friday, July 13, 2012

Those that scream against Israel's existence

Those that scream against Israel's existence as the ONLY ones who should possess the land of Israel, are those that are so encumbered with the filth of their own hearts of hatred, that they can literally accept the notion that Israeli Jews are the perpetrators and abusers! How twisted is that!!!

We all saw and heard the hatred of Islam in 9/11 in the collapses of the 2 towering buildings in Manhattan, but still Islam and those who hate Israel have the audacity to call Islam the victims of the Jews living rightfully in their ERETZ! Who has ever heard of Islamic terrorists being called victims? Not America! America hastily perpetrated Bin Laden's strongholds and brought the Taliban to their death! And to this day America has not withdrawn the troops from Afganistan and those nations they invaded!

Those who accuse Israel of war crimes have covered their eyes and their ears to the deep seated hatred of Arabs against the Jews in Israel in the skeletal remains and charred ruins of buses, market places, and public places where the lives of many Israelis were blotted out from the face of ERETZ Israel! We all saw it, and many are still mourning the loss of their loved ones in those most terrible days! Arabs will never stop their war against G-D's beloved of Jacob's seed, until G-D goes to war against them (the Arabs)!

Let us not forget the 6 million Jews who were blotted out by the heinous hatred of the most evil psychopath that existed in all the world! So you who call the Jews the abusers and perpetrators are truly harboring in your hearts the most heinous hatred and lies against G-D's chosen people! You will get what you deserve! You will one day be blotted out from the face of the whole earth for the filth of your evil hearts!

Alessa Bar-Lev

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